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The names follow the List of Birds of the Western Palearctic (Brit. Birds Ltd. 1997).

This version was updated on August 9, 2002.




Red-throated Diver                                       A                                                        

Black-throated Diver                                     A                                                                    

Great Northern Diver                                    A                                                                    

White-billed Diver                                         A                                                                    


Little Grebe                                                    A                                                        

Great Crested Grebe                                     A                                                        

Red-necked Grebe                                        A                                                                    

Slavonian Grebe                                            A                                                                    

Black-necked Grebe                                      A                                                        


Fulmar                                                            A                                                        

Cory's Shearwater                                         B                                            

European Storm-petrel                                  A                                                                    


Northern Gannet                                            A                                                                    

Great Cormorant                                           A                                                                    

Shag                                                                A                                                                    

Pygmy Cormorant                                          A                                                                    

White Pelican                                                 A                                                        


Great Bittern                                                  A                                                                    

Little Bittern                                                  A                                                                    

Night Heron                                                   A                                                                    

Squacco Heron                                               A                                                                    

Cattle Egret                                                    A                                                                    

Little Egret                                                     A                                                                    

Great White Egret                                         A                                                                    

Grey Heron                                                    A                                                                    

Purple Heron                                                  A                                                        

Black Stork                                                    A                                                                    

White Stork                                                    A                                                                    

Glossy Ibis                                                     A                                                                    

Sacred Ibis                                                     C

Eurasian Spoonbill                                         A                                                                    


Greater Flamingo                                           A                                                                    


Mute Swan                                                     A                                                        

Tundra Swan                                                  A                                                        

Whooper Swan                                               A                                                                    

Bean Goose                                                    A                                                                    

Pink-footed Goose                                         A                                                                    

Greater White-fronted Goose                       A                                                                    

Lesser White-fronted Goose                         A                                                        

Greylag Goose                                               A                                                                    

Bar-headed Goose                                         C

Snow Goose                                                    B                                                                    

Canada Goose                                                C                                                                    

Barnacle Goose                                             A                                                                    

Brent Goose                                                   A                                                                    

Red-breasted Goose                                      A                                                                    

Egyptian Goose                                              C

Ruddy Shelduck                                             A                                                                    

Common Shelduck                                         A                                                                    

Mandarin Duck                                              C

Eurasian Wigeon                                            A                                                                    

American Wigeon                                          A                                                                    

Gadwall                                                           A                                                        

Common Teal                                                 A                                                                    

Mallard                                                           A                                                                    

Pintail                                                              A                                                        

Garganey                                                        A                                                        

Blue-winged Teal                                           A                                                                    

Northern Shoveler                                         A                                            

Marbled Duck                                                B                                                        

Red-crested Pochard                                     A                                                        

Common Pochard                                           A                                                        

Ferruginous Duck                                          A                                                                    

Tufted Duck                                                   A                                                        

Greater Scaup                                                A                                                        

Common Eider                                               A                                                                    

King Eider                                                      A                                                        

Steller’s Eider                                                A

Long-tailed Duck                                           A                                                                    

Common Scoter                                              A                                                        

Velvet Scoter                                                 A                                                        

Barrow's Goldeneye                                      A                                                        

Common Goldeneye                                      A                                                        

Smew                                                              A                                            

Red-breasted Merganser                              A                                            

Goosander                                                      A                                            

White-headed Duck                                       A

Ruddy Duck                                                   C                                                        


European Honey-buzzard                              A                                

Black-shouldered Kite                                   B                                                                    

Black Kite                                                      A                                            

Red Kite                                                         A                                                        

White-tailed Eagle                                         A                                                        

Egyptian Vulture                                            A                                                                    

Griffon Vulture                                               A                                                                    

Monk Vulture                                                A                                                                    

Short-toed Eagle                                            A                                                                    

Marsh Harrier                                               A                                                        

Hen Harrier                                                    A                                                        

Pallid Harrier                                                 A                                                                    

Montagu's Harrier                                         A                                                                    

Northern Goshawk                                        A                                                                    

Eurasian Sparrowhawk                                  A                                                                    

Levant Sparrowhawk                                     A                                                                    

Common Buzzard                                           A                                                        

Long-legged Buzzard                                     A                                                                    

Rough-legged Buzzard                                   A                                                                    

Lesser Spotted Eagle                                    A                                                        

Spotted Eagle                                                 A                                            

Steppe Eagle                                                  A                                            

Eastern Imperial Eagle                                  A                                                                    

Golden Eagle                                                  A                                                        

Booted Eagle                                                  A                                                        

Bonnelli's Eagle                                             A                                                                    



Lesser Kestrel                                               A                                                                    

Common Kestrel                                            A                                                                    

Red-footed Falcon                                         A                                                        

Merlin                                                             A                                            

Hobby                                                             A                                            

Eleonora’s Falcon                                          A

Lanner Falcon                                                B                                                                    

Saker Falcon                                                  A                                                        

Gyr Falcon                                                      B                                                                    

Peregrine Falcon                                            A                                                                    


Hazel Grouse                                                 A                                                        

Black Grouse                                                 A                                                        

Capercaillie                                                    A                                                                    

Grey Partridge                                               A                                                                    

Common Quail                                               A                                                                    

Reeve's Pheasant                                          C                                                                    

Common Pheasant                                         C                                                                    


Water Rail                                                      A                                                        

Spotted Crake                                                A                                                                    

Little Crake                                                    A                                                        

Baillon's Crake                                              A                                                                    

Corn Crake                                                    A                                                        

Moorhen                                                         A                                                        

Purple Swamp-hen                                         A                                                                    

Common Coot                                                A                                                        

Common Crane                                              A                                                        

Little Bustard                                                 A                                                        

Houbara Bustard                                           B                                                                    

Great Bustard                                                A                                                                    


Oystercatcher                                                A                                                                    

Black-winged Stilt                                          A                                                                    

Avocet                                                            A                                            

Stone-curlew                                                   A                                                        

Cream-coloured Courser                               B                                                                    

Collared Pratincole                                        A                                                        

Black-winged Pratincole                                A                                                                    

Little Ringed Plover                                      A                                            

Great Ringed Plover                                      A                                            

Kentish Plover                                               A                                                        

Dotterel                                                          A                                            

American Golden Plover                               A                                                                    

European Golden Plover                               A                                                        

Grey Plover                                                    A                                

Spur-winged Lapwing                                     A                                                                    

Sociable Lapwing                                           A                                                        

Northern Lapwing                                          A                                                        

White-tailed Lapwing                                     A                    

Red Knot                                                        A                                            

Sanderling                                                      A                                                        

Little Stint                                                      A                                                        

Temminck's Stint                                           A                                                                    

White-rumped Sandpiper                               A                                                                    

Baird's Sandpiper                                          A                                                        

Red-necked Stint                                           A

Pectoral Sandpiper                                         A                                                        

Curlew Sandpiper                                           A                                                        

Purple Sandpiper                                            A                                                        

Dunlin                                                             A                                

Broad-billed Sandpiper                                  A                                                                    

Buff-breasted Sandpiper                               A                                                                    

Ruff                                                                 A                    

Jack Snipe                                                      A                                            

Common Snipe                                               A                                                        

Great Snipe                                                    A                                            

Woodcock                                                       A                                            

Black-tailed Godwit                                       A                                                        

Bar-tailed Godwit                                           A                                                        

Whimbrel                                                        A                                            

Slender-billed Curlew                                    A                                                                    

Eurasian Curlew                                             A                                                        

Spotted Redshank                                         A                                                        

Common Redshank                                       A                                            

Marsh Sandpiper                                           A                                            

Greenshank                                                    A                                

Greater Yellowlegs                                        A                                            

Green Sandpiper                                            A                                            

Wood Sandpiper                                             A                                            

Terek Sandpiper                                            A                                            

Common Sandpiper                                        A                                            

Turnstone                                                       A                                

Red-necked Phalarope                                  A                                                        

Grey Phalarope                                              A                                            

Pomarine Skua                                               A                                            

Arctic Skua                                                     A                                

Long-tailed Skua                                            A                                            

Great Skua                                                     A                                            

Great Black-headed Gull                              A                                                        

Mediterranean Gull                                       A                                            

Little Gull                                                       A                                

Sabine's Gull                                                  A                                

Bonaparte's Gull                                            A                                            

Black-headed Gull                                         A                                                        

Audouin's Gull                                                A                                                        

Ring-billed Gull                                              A                                                        

Common Gull                                                 A                                                        

Lesser Black-backed Gull                             A                                                        

Herring Gull                                                   A                                

Yellow-legged Gull                                         A                                            

Iceland Gull                                                    A                                

Glaucous Gull                                                 A                                                        

Great Black-backed Gull                              A                                                        

Kittiwake                                                        A                                

Gull-billed Tern                                              A                                            

Caspian Tern                                                  A                                                        

Sandwich Tern                                                A                                                        

Common Tern                                                A                                                        

Arctic Tern                                                     A                                            

Little Tern                                                      A                                            

Whiskered Tern                                             A                                                        

Black Tern                                                     A                                            

White-winged Black Tern                              A                                                        

Common Guillemot                                        A                                            

Razorbill                                                         B                                                                    

Black Guillemot                                             A                                                        

Little Auk                                                       A                                            


Pallas's Sandgrouse                                       B                                                        


Rock Dove                                                     C                                                                    

Stock Dove                                                     A                                            

Wood Pigeon                                                  A                                            

Collared  Dove                                               A                                                        

Turtle Dove                                                    A        


Rose-ringed Parakeet                                   C                                


Common Cuckoo                                            A                                                                    


Barn Owl                                                        A                                                        

Eurasian Scops Owl                                       A                                                        

Eagle Owl                                                       A                                            

Snowy Owl                                                      A                                            

Hawk Owl                                                       A                                                        

Pygmy Owl                                                     A                                                        

Little Owl                                                        A                                                        

Tawny Owl                                                      A                                                        

Ural Owl                                                         A                                                        

Long-eared Owl                                             A                                                                    

Short-eared Owl                                             A                                                                    

Tengmalm's Owl                                            A                                                                    


European Nightjar                                         A                                                        


Alpine Swift                                                    A                                                        

Common Swift                                                A                                                                    


Common Kingfisher                                       A                                                                    

European Bee-eater                                      A                                                        

European Roller                                             A                                                        

Hoopoe                                                           A                                            


Wryneck                                                         A                                            

Grey-headed Woodpecker                            A                                                        

Green Woodpecker                                       A                                            

Black Woodpecker                                        A                                            

Great Spotted Woodpecker                          A                                                        

Syrian Woodpecker                                       A                                            

Middle Spotted Woodpecker                        A                                                                    

White-backed Woodpecker                           A                                            

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker                         A                                                        

Three-toed Woodpecker                               A                                                        


Calandra Lark                                                B                                                                    

Black Lark                                                     A                                            

Crested Lark                                                  A                                            

Wood Lark                                                     A                                            

Sky Lark                                                        A                                            

Horned Lark                                                  A                                                        

Sand Martin                                                   A                                                        

Barn Swallow                                                  A                                                        

House Martin                                                 A                                                        

Richard´s Pipit                                               A                                                                    

Tawny Pipit                                                     A                                                        

Tree Pipit                                                        A                                                        

Meadow Pipit                                                 A                                            

Red-throated Pipit                                         A                                                        

Rock Pipit                                                       A                                            

Water Pipit                                                     A                                            

Yellow Wagtail                                               A                                                        

Citrine Wagtail                                               A                                                        

Grey Wagtail                                                  A                                            

Pied Wagtail                                                   A                                            

Bohemian Waxwing                                       A                                                        

Dipper                                                             A                                            

Wren                                                               A                                

Hedge Accentor                                             A                                                        

Siberian Accentor                                          B                                                                    

Alpine Accentor                                             A                                                        

Robin                                                              A                                

Thrush Nightingale                                        A                                                        

Rufous Nightingale                                        A                                                        

Bluethroat                                                      A                                            

Black Redstart                                               A                                                        

Common Redstart                                          A                                                        

Whinchat                                                        A                                            

Common Stonechat                                        A                                                        

Northern Wheatear                                       A                                

Black-eared Wheatear                                  A                                                        

Rock Thrush                                                  A                                

Ring Ouzel                                                      A                                

Blackbird                                                        A                                

Eyebrowed Thrush                                         A                                            

Dusky Thrush                                                A                                            

Dark-throated Thrush                                   B                                                                    

Fieldfare                                                         A                                            

Song Thrush                                                   A                                            

Redwing                                                          A                                            

Mistle Thrush                                                A                                            

American Robin                                             B                                                                    

Grasshopper Warbler                                    A                                                                    

River Warbler                                                A                                                        

Savi's Warbler                                               A                                                        

Moustached Warbler                                     A                                                                    

Aquatic Warbler                                             A                                                        

Sedge Warbler                                               A                                                        

Marsh Warbler                                              A                                                        

Reed Warbler                                                A                                                        

Great Reed Warbler                                      A                                                        

Olivaceous Warbler                                       A                                                        

Icterine Warbler                                            A                                                        

Melodious Warbler                                        B                                                                    

Dartford Warbler                                           A                                                        

Sardinian Warbler                                          A                                                        

Orphean Warbler                                           A                                                        

Barred Warbler                                              A                                                        

Lesser Whitethroat                                        A                                                        

Common Whitethroat                                    A                                                                    

Garden Warbler                                             A                                                        

Blackcap                                                         A                                            

Greenish Warbler                                          A                                            

Pallas's Leaf Warbler                                    A                                                        

Yellow-browed Warbler                                 A                                                        

Radde's Warbler                                            A                                            

Western Bonelli's Warbler                            A                                                        

Wood Warbler                                                A                                            

Common Chiffchaff                                        A                                            

Iberian Chiffchaff                                           A                                            

Willow Warbler                                              A                                            

Goldcrest                                                        A                                

Firecrest                                                         A                                

Spotted Flycatcher                                         A                                            

Red-breasted Flycatcher                               A                                                        

Collared Flycatcher                                       A                                            

Pied Flycatcher                                              A                                            

Bearded Tit                                                    A                                

Long-tailed Tit                                               A                                            

Marsh Tit                                                       A                                

Willow Tit                                                       A                                

Crested Tit                                                     A                                            

Coal Tit                                                           A                                            

Blue Tit                                                           A                                            

Azure Tit                                                         A                                            

Great Tit                                                         A                                            

European Nuthatch                                        A                                                        

Wallcreeper                                                    A                                            

Eurasian Treecreeper                                    A                                                        

Short-toed Treecreeper                                 A                                                        

Penduline Tit                                                  A                                

Golden Oriole                                                 A                                            

Red-backed Shrike                                        A                                            

Lesser Grey Shrike                                       A                                            

Great Grey Shrike                                         A                                            

Woodchat Shrike                                           A                                            

Eurasian Jay                                                  A                                

Magpie                                                           A                                

Nutcracker                                                     A                                

Yellow-billed Chough                                     A                                                        

Eurasian Jackdaw                                          A                                            

Rook                                                               A                    

Carion/Hooded Crow                                     A

Common Raven                                             A                                                        

Common Starling                                           A                                                        

Rosy Starling                                                 A                                            

House Sparrow                                               A                                                        

Tree Sparrow                                                 A                                            

Snowfinch                                                       A                                            

Common Chaffinch                                        A                                                        

Brambling                                                       A                                            

European Serin                                              A                                                        

Citril Finch                                                      A                                            

Greenfinch                                                      A                    

Goldfinch                                                        A                                

Siskin                                                              A                    

Linnet                                                             A                    

Twite                                                               A                    

Common Redpoll                                           A                                            

Arctic Redpoll                                                A                                            

Two-barred Crossbill                                     A                                

Common Crossbill                                          A                                

Parrot Crossbill                                              A                                            

Common Rosefinch                                        A                    

Pine Grosbeak                                               A                                

Common Bullfinch                                          A                                            

Hawfinch                                                         A                                

Lapland Longspur                                          A                                            

Snow Bunting                                                 A                                            

Pine Bunting                                                   A                                

Yellowhammer                                                A                                            

Cirl Bunting                                                    A                                

Rock Bunting                                                 A                                

Ortolan Bunting                                             A                                                        

Rustic Bunting                                               A                                                        

Little Bunting                                                 A                                                        

Yellow-breasted Bunting                               A                                                        

Reed Bunting                                                 A                                

Red-headed Bunting                                      A                                            

Black-headed Bunting                                   A                                                        

Corn Bunting                                                  A                                


This version was adopted from the Czech Rarities Committee list of birds of the Czech Republic.

Categories: A: Species was recorded at least once in natural state since 1950. Most

                        species ( 377 species) belong to this category.

       B: Species that would be included in category A but was not recorded since

                       1950 (15 species).

                   C: Species was originally introduced by man and has established breeding

                        population in the Czech Republic. Also birds from established populations

from other European countries (9 species).


© Josef Kren 2002